Justice for Delrawn Small

Justice for Delrawn Small

On July 4, 2016, 37-year-old Delrawn Small was shot and killed by NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs, in front of his 4-month-old baby, teen stepdaughter, and girlfriend. Delrawn was killed just one day before Alton Sterling was killed by police in Louisiana and two days before Philando Castile was killed by police in Minnesota. Officers in both cases are no longer with their respective police departments, while more than four years after Delrawn’s killing, Isaacs is still employed by the NYPD.

Initial accounts from Isaacs and the NYPD falsely claimed that Isaacs was physically assaulted, but nearby surveillance video, released days after these claims saturated media coverage of the killing, discredited such accounts. The footage showed that Isaacs shot unarmed Delrawn within seconds and without provocation - in fact, Isaacs unholstered his gun and rolled down his window to shoot Delrawn.  After shooting Delrawn, Isaacs left him to bleed to death on the street, offering no emergency aid [1] and never even communicating that he had shot someone in his 911 call [2].

While Isaacs was charged and prosecuted for murder by the NYS Attorney General’s office, he was defended by powerful police union attorneys and acquitted at trial. Isaacs should have been fired but has faced no meaningful discipline for killing Delrawn Small. Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Shea must fire NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs for killing Delrawn Small. Delrawn’s family and the public have waited long enough.

Since the NYPD had taken no action and there was little faith that they would, Delrawn's siblings filed a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB). The CCRB substantiated charges against Isaacs on October 14, 2020 - however, the NYPD has still not served charges against Isaacs.

Join us to demand that Mayor de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Shea stop blocking accountability - de Blasio & Shea must serve disciplinary charges on Isaacs, schedule the disciplinary trial, and fire him immediately.

[1] New York Daily News: NYPD officer who killed Delrawn Small was 'callous' during the road-rage fit, prosecutors say http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nypd-killed-delrawn-small-callous-road-rage-fit-article-1.3583464

 [2] New York Daily News: Girlfriend of Delrawn Small details the day of his fatal shooting by NYPD cop Wayne Isaacs http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/girlfriend-delrawn-small-details-day-fatally-shot-article-1.3588172

News on Delrawn Small

Family Of Delrawn Small Responds To News That NYPD Will Stop Blocking Disciplinary Hearing For Officer Wayne Isaacs

New York, NY – This evening, the family of Delrawn Small, who was killed by off-duty NYPD officer Wayne Isaacs in 2016, learned that the NYPD has agreed to serve disciplinary charges on Isaacs that were substantiated by the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) in October 2020.  Below is a statement from Victoria Davis and Victor

Delrawn Small’s Siblings Demand Overdue Firing of Cop who Killed their Brother

Yesterday, the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) substantiated the excessive-force complaint against Officer Wayne Isaacs in the July 2016 killing of Brooklyn father Delrawn Small. In response, Communities United for Police Reform and the Justice Committee, along with the siblings of Small, Victoria Davis, and Victor Dempsey, are calling for the immediate firing of Isaacs.

Families of Eric Garner and Delrawn Small Slam Mayor de Blasio’s Press Secretary for Racist Comments About “Fringe Activists” Criticizing the NYPD, and Demand Immediate Apology Today

Today, the families of Eric Garner and Delrawn Small slammed Mayor de Blasio’s press secretary Eric Phillips for his racist comments that critics of the NYPD are "fringe activists." Phillips first made the comments to Politico New York earlier today and, since then, he doubled down on them on Twitter.