Upcoming Events

Thanks for checking out our calendar of upcoming CPR and CPR member events. Joining events is a great way to build community power in the fight for police accountability, safety and justice!

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VIRTUAL: #CopsOutOfPride - Safety Without Cops at Pride and in LGBTQ+ Communities

Join The Anti-Violence Project for the second part of their political education series called #CopsOutofPride, building on what was learned in the first session participants discuss what safety has, does, and could look like outside of policing. With imagination, inherited legacies, and shared relationships with each other explore how to build alternatives in a system deeply entangled with police. Register here



Lets Get Free: Learning Into Liberation

On Sunday, May 16th, join CPR member JFREJ's Freedom to Thrive campaign in 7 locations across New York City in honoring the holiday of Shavuot and fighting for community-based solutions for our collective safety instead of reliance on policing. At each location, you will learn how to be an upstander to hate violence and canvass neighborhoods in favor of investing in community alternatives to policing that don't endanger Black and Brown New Yorkers but keep ALL of us safe.