Redefining Community Safety

Join CPR members and partners as we host a series of virtual town halls and other events called “Redefining Community Safety,” in order to engage the public and the communities most harmed by the NYPD and create a real plan for change in New York City.

New Job Opportunities Within The CPR Team

We have been a small, lean staff team since our founding in 2012. We're now excited to announce that our team here at Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) is growing!

Full-time salaried positions include a generous benefits package featuring full medical, dental, vision, wellness, commuter benefits, and paid time off.

5 New Job Opportunities Within The CPR Team

Safer New York Act

We are overjoyed that the New York State Legislature passed 3 of our Safer NY Act bills.

After years of organizing across New York City and New York State, we celebrate the passage of these bills that together increase police transparency and help increase accountability around New Yorkers' most common encounters with police. The three bills – the Police STAT Act, the repeal of 50-a and now the passage of a special prosecutor – collectively represent the first real step in a generation toward realizing the day New Yorkers no longer have to fear the police.

Protecting the Safety & Rights of All NYers During COVID-19 Crisis

CPR, along with 50+ NYC, state and national organizations, have released 6 key demands to NYC Mayor de Blasio calling for a moratorium broken windows policing, zero tolerance for police abusive, and to shift resources to vital human services during the #COVID19 crisis.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio must take immediate action to protect public health and human rights of every New Yorker, especially those most vulnerable to abusive policing. The COVID-19 crisis means accountability for NYPD abuse of authority & abusive policing is more important than ever.


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Know Your Rights!

The first step in protecting your rights is knowing them! CPR has developed a brief booklet to help New Yorkers of all backgrounds understand their rights when interacting with the police.  Print copies are available through CPR member groups, or you can download it here.

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