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Communities United for Police Reform is an unprecedented campaign to end discriminatory and abusive policing practices in New York.

There are many ways you can take action to join the growing movement for police accountability and our campaign to change the NYPD.  With your participation and support, we can win our fight to protect the safety & rights of all New Yorkers and increase transparency and accountability of the NYPD.


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Check out our events page for a listing of upcoming CPR and CPR member events.  Events range from actions and marches to trainings, film screenings, fundraisers & more!  Turning out to events is a great way to help build community power and meet others who are passionate about police accountability, safety and justice!


CPR includes many different types of organizations: community-based, advocacy, legal, research and more. Click here for information about our member organizations.

HOST A KNOW YOUR RIGHTS OR COPWATCH TRAINING AT YOUR SCHOOL, FAITH INSTITUTION, NEIGHBORHOOD, etc. You can reach out to us for more information about trainings on New Yorkers’ rights when interacting with the police, as well as how to effectively observe and document police misconduct.

COP WATCH - Learn how to observe and document police misconduct in your community

Observing and documenting police misconduct – often referred to as “Cop Watch” -- is a tool to help hold officers accountable to respecting the dignity and rights of all New Yorkers.  To learn more about how to cop watch as an individual, visit copwatchnyc.org

You can also reach out to CPR members that lead our Cop Watch work, including training neighborhood and community-based teams:  Justice CommitteeMalcolm X Grassroots Movement CAAAV - Organizing Asian Communities (these three organizations run the Peoples Justice alliance, which is also a CPR member).


We have reached an unprecedented moment in the movement for racial justice and policing accountability. Tens of thousands of people in New York City and across the country are calling for an end to racial and police violence, abuse and harassment of low-income communities of color, including: youth, people who are homeless, women, LGBTQ, immigrants, people with disabilities, and others.

Our campaign to end discriminatory and abusive policing practices in New York has been at the forefront of this work, and at the center of our campaign are those most affected by discriminatory policing. 

Now, more than ever, we need your support to strengthen our work to change policing in NYC.  We hope you will consider supporting CPR today by making a one-time donation or becoming a monthly donor

Thank you for your support!