Justice for Antonio Williams

On September 29, 2019, Antonio Williams was standing on the street, waiting for a taxi, when plainclothes officers jumped out of an unmarked car. NYPD officers chased, tackled, and beat Antonio. Shortly after, they recklessly opened fire, killing Williams and an NYPD officer, Brian Mulkeen, in a reckless hail of 15 bullets – some shot from over 60 feet away. For almost two years, NYPD provided no explanation for why officers chased Williams in the middle of the night and have never articulated the reasonable suspicion required to stop Antonio. 

After the Williams family demanded they be able to view an NYPD-produced video before it was publicly released, the NYPD promised the Williams family they would delay public release so that all interested members of the Williams family could view the footage. Late Thursday, December 12, 2019, the Williams family was informed that the City and NYPD would no longer honor their promise and would proceed with releasing the video on Friday, December 13, 2019, even though not all members of the Williams family, including his mother Chanel McCray, were able to travel to NYC to view the footage with this last-minute change. 

In November 2020, security footage supporting the family’s statements that the NYPD engaged in an unconstitutional stop and unnecessarily escalated the interaction was released. The Williams family sued the City of New York and the NYPD; they continue to work to demand full transparency and the firing of all officers involved.

On September 22, the Civilian Complaint Review Board told the Williams family they would open an investigation into the officers responsible for stopping, brutalizing, and killing Antonio.

Help uplift the demands of the Williams Family:

  • Demand that the Mayor and the NYPD fire Sgt. Jason Valentino, and Officers Brian Mahon, Keith Figueroa, and Robert Wichers.

News on Antonio Williams

Family Of Antonio Williams Demand That Mayor De Blasio And The NYPD Stop Hiding Critical Information And Fire Officers

Today, the family of Antonio Williams,  the Justice Committee, and Communities United for Police Reform are demanding Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD fire the NYPD officers who killed Antonio Williams in 2019 and stop hiding critical information related to the killing. Lawyers for the Williams family filed a brief yesterday opposing the City’s and the NYPD’s baseless attempts to keep critical information about the NYPD killing of Antonio Williams hidden.

CCRB Opens Investigation Into 2019 NYPD Killing Of Antonio Williams, Family Demands Firings Of Officers

The family of Antonio Williams, the Justice Committee, and Communities United for Police Reform met with the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) to discuss the investigations into NYPD officers, Sgt. Jason Valentino, Det. Daniel Beddows, and Officers Brian Mahon, Keith Figueroa and Robert Wichers, who killed Mr. Williams nearly 2 years ago in the Bronx.

Family Of Antonio Williams, Elected Officials, Call On Mayor De Blasio To Stop Hiding Evidence In Killing Of Antonio Williams

Today, the family of Antonio Williams, the Justice Committee, Communities United for Police Reform organized a rally with City Council Members Brad Lander, Antonio Reynoso and others to announce the filing of an Article 78 lawsuit to force the City to turn over critical information and evidence related to the NYPD killing of Antonio Williams.

Family of Antonio Williams & Organizers Respond to Bronx DA’s Refusal to Indict NYPD Officers Responsible for 2019 Killing

Today, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark’s office informed the family of Antonio Williams that NYPD officers responsible for killing Antonio in 2019 will not be prosecuted. During the virtual meeting with the Bronx DA’s office, the family, the Justice Committee, Communities United for Police Reform and the family’s lawyers were informed about the status of the investigation and that officers who killed Antonio Williams, including NYPD Sgt. Jason Valentino, Det.