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NYPD Trial Date Set for Cops Who Killed Black Gay Man In His Home In 2019

Family of Kawaski Trawick, elected officials and supporters rally outside One Police Plaza demanding the firing of officers who killed Trawick in 2019

New York, NY— Today, NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Trials Rosemary Maldonado scheduled the NYPD disciplinary trial of Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis for their 2019 killing of Kawaski Trawick. Mr.

CPR Statement: NYPD’s Budget Recklessness Impedes Real Community Safety

Yesterday, Mayor Adams’ Office of Management and Budget announced that the NYPD, one of the city’s largest agencies, will miss the savings goals the mayor promised to New Yorkers by 60 percent. The following response is from Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) spokesperson Keli Young (she/her), Civil Rights Campaign Coordinator at VOCAL-NY: “The November Financial Plan released yesterday is another example of how the Mayor’s approach to city budgeting is misguided and fails to address key city issues while allowing NYPD budget bloat.  

Communities United for Police Reform Responds to NYPD Expanded Policing in NYC Subways

This weekend Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul, alongside NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell, announced dramatically increased police and surveillance presence in the New York City subway system. The following response is from Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) spokesperson Sala Cyril (she/her)

Family of Kawaski Trawick, Community Groups and Electeds Slam Police Union Attorneys for Further Delays in Disciplining Officers Who Killed Trawick

Today, the parents of Kawaski Trawick, the Justice Committee, Communities United for Police Reform, and family attorney Royce Russell attended the pre-trial court conference and gathered with elected officials, including Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, City Councilperson Pierina Sanchez, and other community supporters at One Police Plaza to denounce further obstruction and delays in the disciplinary proceedings against NYPD Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis, who killed Mr. Trawick on April 14, 2019 in the Bronx.

Statement: Communities United for Police Reform Responds to NYPD Expanded Policing and NYC Subway Surveillance

This week the NYPD released a video touting its increased presence in the New York subway system, mere days after it was announced that all subway cars would be fitted with surveillance cameras by 2025. The following response from Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) spokesperson Darian X (he/him), Lead Campaign Organizer with Brooklyn Movement Center:  "While this Mayoral administration is convinced that using decades-old failed Broken Windows policing strategies like increased surveillance and stops will provide safety, New Yorkers of color - particularly Black & Latinx New Yorkers - know all too well that these tactics only lead to police abuse and harassment, and increase the potential for encounters to escalate to brutality and even killing of New Yorkers they claim to be protecting.

NYC Budget Justice Campaign Reacts to FY23 Budget, Call for Bolder Future Investments

On June 13, 2022, the New York City Council voted to pass the FY23 city budget. The budget included the largest NYPD spending allocation ever, at over $11B.

CPR Statement: Communities Call for Bolder Action After Budget Handshake

Communities United for Police Reform responds to mayor and speaker’s FY23 budget announcement that included the largest-ever proposed NYPD budget

On Friday, June 11, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Speaker Adrienne Adams announced a handshake deal on the city’s FY23 budget, which included an NYPD budget of more than $11 billion, the largest in the city’s history. Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) released the following statement from spokesperson Keli Young (she/her):  “The crises that our communities are facing today require bold action from our city leaders and a budget that creates a clear path to a true recovery that would help not only keep us safe, but help us thrive. The budget announced by the mayor and speaker today falls short of meeting this need.  "We expected this new City Council to prioritize significant community investments over the continued expansion of the NYPD budget; instead the proposed FY23 budget reflects the largest NYPD spending in history. The projected $11.2B for the NYPD enables the mayor to continue to push regressive and failed policing tactics that harm Black, Latinx and communities of color and have been heavily criticized and condemned by New Yorkers. This does not make our city safer."

New CPR Budget Report: Communities demand a budget that invests in communities, not in policing

Communities United for Police Reform releases new budget report which demands a $1B cut in the NYPD and reinvestment in community safety solutions

Today, Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) released its budget report, Creating Safe and Vibrant Communities for all New Yorkers, a community-driven rebuke of the mayor’s proposed FY23 budget. Mayor Eric Adams’ proposed budget has been heavily criticized and condemned by community members across the city for continuing regressive and failed policing patterns of the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations and further bloating the NYPD budget while crucial community services receive comparatively microscopic investments. According to CPR’s budget report, the mayor is proposing the largest-ever NYPD budget – $11.2 billion, with minuscule investments in community-led violence prevention and intervention solutions that actually work.

At NYC Council Budget Hearing, New Yorkers Demand $1B Cut to NYPD Budget & Increase in Investments in Non-Police Health and Safety Solutions

Today, Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) members and partners, including Audre Lorde Project, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, Make the Road NY, the Urban Youth Collaborative, New York City Anti-Violence Project and more delivered testimony to the NYC City Council public hearing on the FY23 budget. Community leaders, advocates and experts called for cuts to the NYPD budget and increased investments in non-police health and safety solutions.