Press Releases

Statement: Family and Activists Respond to NYPD Officers’ Baseless Legal Attempt to Block CCRB Prosecution in the Killing of Delrawn Small

Wayne Isaacs, the NYPD officer who killed Delrawn Small in 2016, is suing to prevent the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) from prosecuting his case. Isaacs filed an Article 78 petition, attempting to stop any further investigation into his misconduct related to the killing of Delrawn Small.

CPR Blasts Part 2 of Mayor de Blasio’s Illegitimate and Dangerous Police Reform Plan, Calling it the “Expand NYPD Funding & Power Plan”

Mayor de Blasio released the second part of his proposed police ‘reform and reinvention’ plan, in response to Governor Cuomo’s executive order 203 mandating municipalities to submit plans to New York State by April 1st. Just like the first part of the Mayor’s plan, part two proposes more cosmetic reforms that will do nothing to reduce police violence or increase safety.

CPR Slams Release of NYPD Database That Continues to Hide the Majority of Officer Misconduct and Discipline

Today, the NYPD released a dashboard that includes limited NYPD officer misconduct and discipline and continues to conceal critical information that can be made public under the repeal of 50-a. The database, the contents of which include only information about incidents where the NYPD commissioner has imposed a final guilty finding in administrative charges, does not include what is believed to be the vast majority of misconduct and discipline records, including for racial and other discriminatory profiling, most police sexual abuse and other misconduct by NYPD officers.

CPR Slams Mayor de Blasio’s Illegitimate & Dangerous Police Reform Plan

Today, Mayor de Blasio released his proposed police ‘reform and reinvention’ plan, in response to Governor Cuomo’s executive order 203 mandating municipalities to submit plans to New York State by April 1st.

Second Circuit Court Lifts Stay, Last Obstacle in Release of Police Misconduct and Discipline Records Cleared

Today, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals once again cleared the way for NYPD officer misconduct and discipline records to be released to the public, as per the repeal of 50-a last year, by clarifying that their February 16th decision 

Gwen Carr, Advocates, Call on Mayor de Blasio to Stop Blocking Transparency and Drop the Appeal in Judicial Inquiry into NYPD Killing of Eric Garner

New York, NY – Lawyers for Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD are maneuvering once again to delay a public judicial inquiry into the violations and neglect of duty by Mayor de Blasio, and top NYPD and city officials, rela

WIN: Second Circuit Affirms District Court Decision, Police Misconduct And Disciplinary Records Must Be Disclosed

Today, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals denied the New York City police unions’ (along with corrections and fire unions’) attempt to stop the City of New York from releasing officer misconduct and discipline records to the public following the June 2020 repeal of the police secrecy law 50-a, by the New York State Legislature.

Communities United for Police Reform Responds To City Council Package of Policing Bills

The New York City Council plans to introduce a package of policing bills in response to Governor Cuomo’s executive order 203, requiring municipalities in New York State to put forward police “reform and reinvention” plans by April 1st.