Urge your Council Member to support the Right To Know Act.

Use this sample letter to email or call your Council Member to tell them to pass the Right to Know Act. Please customize in your own voice, from your own perspective. And don’t forget to sign the letter with your name and address. Find your Council Member, and their email address or phone numer, by entering your address at http://council.nyc.gov/html/members/members.shtml.

Dear Council Member <LAST NAME>:

As your constituent, I'm writing to ask that you press forward to pass the Right to Know Act legislation to help protect our neighbors and all New Yorkers from police abuses and the lack of accountability in police interactions.

The Trump administration’s dangerous agenda, which empowers policing abuses and targets immigrant communities, only further increases the urgency for the City Council to pass the Right to Know Act. We live in a community, like many others in NYC, where we must prioritize the public's need for fairness, justice and safety. Our community is in need of your leadership on this issue, especially in these times when our neighbors are being increasingly targeted and placed at risk.

I want the Council to exercise its independent oversight to hold the NYPD accountable to our neighborhoods, protecting the rights of all New Yorkers from police abuses. I urge you to join the many community voices and your fellow council members in actively advancing the Right to Know Act – community members like me would stand strongly behind you. The Right to Know Act is widely supported by over 200 community organizations from across the city and New Yorkers like myself.

At this time in our nation, we need comprehensive and meaningful solutions from our local elected officials. Please take immediate action to pass the Right to Know Act without further delay, and publicly voice your support for its immediate passage. I hope we can count on you to make our voices heard at City Hall by working with your colleagues in the Council to demonstrate that your constituents want the Right to Know Act swiftly passed into law.

Thank you for your attention to my concerns. I look forward to hearing back about your next steps in regards to this.


[Your Name]
[Your Address]