Oct. 11th Right to Know Act Rally


Help rid NYC streets of abusive, discriminatory policing by coming to the Right To Know Act rally on October 11th! Communities United for Police Reform and a citywide coalition of over 200 organizations are calling for the New York City Council to pass the Right to Know Act into law to help end police abuses. It would promote police accountability in New Yorkers' most common interactions with the NYPD to prevent abuses and unconstitutional searches that continue in communities across the city. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Right To Know Act.


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A. TODAY, NYC will come together to help rid NYC streets of abusive, discriminatory policing. TODAY, we do more than #TakeAKnee to stop police brutality and rally to demand the NYC Council to pass the #RightToKnowAct. Let’s help make our communities safer by demanding bills that will help hold the NYPD accountable for their actions be passed NOW. YOU THERE. http://bit.ly/2jX3yq9

B. TODAY, take action to rid NYC streets of abusive, discriminatory policing. Come to the #RightToKnowAct rally at NOON outsie of City Hall. Urge the NYC Council to pass this common sense legislation to help hold NYPD officers accountable for their actions during interactions. http://bit.ly/2jX3yq9


A. TODAY, we do more than #TakeAKnee to rid NYC of abusive, discriminatory policing! http://bit.ly/2jX3yq9 #RightToKnowAct

B. Will you be around Lower Manhattan at NOON TODAY? Join us to help end abusive policing in NYC. #RightToKnowAct

C. We saw the nation #TakeAKnee. TODAY, we TAKE ACTION to help end police abuses in NYC with #RightToKnowAct

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