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The N.Y.P.D. Pulled Over a City Councilman. Now Both Are Under Fire.

Yusef Salaam, one of the Central Park Five, said the officer who stopped him should have explained why. Some officials said Mr. Salaam had used his position to avoid a ticket.
New York Times
Yusef Salaam, the newly elected New York City Council member who was wrongfully convicted in 1990 as a member of the Central Park Five, was in Harlem on Friday night, driving downtown to dinner with his wife and four of his children, when the flashing lights of a police car appeared behind him.

Mayor Adams Vetoes Police Transparency and Solitary Confinement Bills

The New York City Council is likely to override the mayor’s vetoes despite his objections and fervent campaign to have the bills rescinded.
New York Times
After a failed and unusually protracted effort to convince the New York City Council to rescind a bill requiring the police to document more of their interactions with the public, Mayor Eric Adams vetoed the legislation Friday, arguing that it would harm public safety.

NYC Mayor Adams vetoes bills banning solitary confinement in jails and expanding reporting of police stops

PBS News Hour
New York City’s mayor vetoed bills Friday aimed at banning solitary confinement in city jails and requiring more transparency in police encounters with civilians, setting up a faceoff with the City Council, which says it has enough votes to override him. Democratic Mayor Eric Adams said the solitary confinement restrictions would make jails more dangerous and that the expanded reporting requirements for police would only bog down officers in paperwork, putting public safety at risk.

Criminal defense attorney on the ‘How Many Stops’ bill

PIX 11
A showdown over police transparency is happening in City Hall after Mayor Eric Adams vetoed the “How Many Stops” bill last week. The bill, which requires police to fill out paperwork on even low-level police stops, has been a hotly debated topic among New York City officials. Criminal Defense Attorney Christine Rivera, with the Bronx Defenders, and Samy Feliz, whose brother was tragically killed during an NYPD traffic stop in 2019, join PIX11 to discuss policing in New York and their thoughts on the “How Many Stops” bill.