Family of man shot to death by police plan to take NYPD to court

November 24, 2020
Bronx News12

The family of a man who was shot to death by police is planning to take the NYPD to court.

This comes after the family says new video doesn’t add up to what the department says.

Antonio Williams, 27, was killed last year during a confrontation with the NYPD that also led to the death of Officer Brian Mulkeen.

“He was funny, he pretty much brought joy to everyone when he came in. He was a jokester,” said Williams’ stepmother, Gladys Williams.

“Two lives were lost because of reckless and what we believe is unconstitutional police action,” said Joo-Hyun Kang with Communities United for Police Reform.

Williams’ family is now planning to sue the NYPD, bringing forward footage that has not been seen before.

“I see my son being chased, tackled to the ground, punched several times repeatedly and handcuffed,” said Williams’ father, Shawn Williams.

The night of Sept. 29, the family says Williams was waiting for a taxi outside the Edenwald Houses after visiting a friend.

Police tell News 12 that at that time plainclothes officers believed he looked suspicious and stopped him. The family’s attorney says Williams ran and that it was his legal right to do so.

“Unless they had some reasonable suspicion that he had been engaged in a felony or a penal law misdemeanor. There's absolutely no evidence that that occurred,” said Family Attorney Jonathan Moore.

During the scuffle, police tell News 12 numerous shots were fired from Officer Mulkeen’s gun--striking him three times.

Five officers shot Williams, who was later pronounced dead. Attorneys claim there was a five-minute delay in medical care after Williams was shot.

On top of damages, they are demanding that the officers involved are fired.

The NYPD tells News 12 they are declining to comment on pending litigation.

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