6/13/12: Press conference to introduce legislation for oversight of the NYPD

6/13/2012:  Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) will be joining Council Members Jumaane Williams and Brad Lander and a diverse group of organizations today to announce the introduction of legislation to reform oversight of the NYPD. The landmark legislation would establish independent oversight of the police department by creating an Inspector General for the police department. The Office of the Inspector General would have subpoena power and all authority necessary to conduct reviews of police policies, practices, programs and operations.

The Inspector General legislation is the fourth bill to be introduced in the City Council as part of the Community Safety Act legislative package, which is aimed at ending discriminatory policing and improving police accountability. The three pieces of legislation that have already been introduced, respectively:

  • Create a strong ban on profiling by the NYPD that would, for the first time in the City’s history, explicitly prohibit discriminatory profiling based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, in addition to race, ethnicity, religion, immigration and housing status (Intro. 800).
  •  Protect New Yorkers against unlawful searches by the NYPD (Intro. 799)
  • Require NYPD officers to identify themselves and explain their reasons for a stop and frisk (Intro. 801)

Read more about the Community Safety Act and join CPR in calling for change.

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