CPR Priorities for First 100 Days of the de Blasio Administration

December 16, 2013 - Two weeks before a new administration takes power in City Hall for the the first time in 12 years, Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) released a report on how Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio can fulfill his campaign promise to change the direction of public safety policy in New York City to prioritize the safety and freedoms of all New Yorkers. The report, entitled Safety & Civil Rights for All New Yorkers: Fulfilling Pledges on Policing & Community Safety for the Mayor’s First 100 Days, makes eight specific recommendations for the new Mayor.  The report can be downloaded here:

Report recommendations for the new administration's first 100 days include: demonstrate commitment to delivering safety and respect of all New Yorkers; drop the legal challenge initiated by Mayor Bloomberg to the discriminatory profiling ban of the Community Safety Act; ensure effective implementation of the two Community Safety laws passed in the summer of 2013 (ban on discriminatory profiling and establishing an Inspector General for the NYPD); issue executive orders and administrative guidance on consent to search and police self-identification; implement court-ordered remedies from the Floyd v City of New York federal case; address and resolve the public housing abuses presented in the Davis v. City of New York lawsuit; end blanket, warrantless surveillance of Muslim communities and political activities; and ensure NYPD transparency.