NY City Council to Hold Hearing on Community Safety Act

On September 24, the New York City Council announced an initial hearing to be held by the Public Safety Committee on the four bills (Intros 799, 800, 801 and 881) that comprise the Community Safety Act, and hearings by the Council's Civil Rights Committee on the NYPD's stop, question and frisk practices.  Collectively, the four Community Safety Act bills will reform discriminatory, abusive and unlawful policing practices, and create greater accountability and transparency of the NYPD.  The Community Safety Act will: strengthen the prohibition on racial profiling and ban other forms of discriminatory policing; protect New Yorkers' from unlawful searches; require police officers to identify and explain themselves when interacting with the public; and create an NYPD Inspector General's office to ensure greater accountability and transparency of the NYPD.

CPR encourages all New Yorkers concerned about discriminatory and abusive policing to attend these hearings and let the City Council know discriminatory, abusive and unlawful practices and policies of the NYPD must end and that a system of real accountability and transparency must be put into place.  All New Yorkers want safety in our communities, and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

New York City Council Public Safety Committee Hearing
Wednesday, October 10, 2012  -  10:00 AM
New York City Hall, Council Chambers