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In 2020, Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) led a historic #NYCBudgetJustice coalition of over 200 local and national organizations that demanded a $1B cut of the NYPD's expense budget in FY21 and the reallocation of those monies to core service programs and infrastructure for Black, Latinx and other communities of color. Following a year of historic protests, it’s critical that we keep the pressure up and hold our elected officials accountable, especially after last year’s budget tricks and funny math. 

Last year, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Speaker Corey Johnson promised to reduce the NYPD's budget by $1B, but that was a one-billion-dollar lie. Communities need Mayor de Blasio and City Council make good on their promise to significantly decrease the NYPD’s bloated expense budget and redirect resources to Black, Latinx and other communities of color, not prioritize the NYPD. 

New Yorkers demand a budget that invests in non-police health & safety solutions --- not more failed policing strategies. We are calling on the Mayor and City Council to:

  • Uphold last year’s promises to cut at least $1B from NYPD’s expense budget and redirect those monies to non-police health and safety solutions in the New York City budget for Fiscal Year 2022 – in order to pass a budget that sets NYC up to have a just transition out of the pandemic.
  • Require NYPD transparency in the budget.
  • Make public when the budget vote will happen.

Tell your City Council Member that we need transformative change, significant investments in communities and to #DefundNYPD! 


Hi, my name is _______ and as a constituent, I’m calling to ask that Council Member ____ commit to significantly reducing the NYPD’s bloated budget for fiscal year 2022 - and redirect those monies to non-police community safety & health programs. 

Last year, Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Corey Johnson committed to cut the NYPD by $1 billion, but there were no meaningful cuts to the NYPD’s bloated budget - just funny math & budget tricks. This year, they’re talking about increasing the NYPD’s budget by hundreds of millions of dollars on expenses that won’t reduce police violence or keep New Yorkers safe.

Will Councilmember _______ commit to blocking any new NYPD funding and cutting the bloated NYPD budget by at least $1B— so monies can be redirected to non-police safety solutions and so NYers have a chance at a just recovery out of the pandemic? 

I would like a response to this request and a chance to discuss this before the fiscal year 22 budget is voted on, here is my phone number to get back to me: _______________. Thank you.

Hit "Click To Tweet" to send the below sample posts, feel free to change .@NYCCouncil to your councilmember's twitter handle or make message your own.

Hey @NYCMayor and @NYCSpeakerCoJo, we don’t forget. Last year you said you would #DefundNYPD by $1B, but that never happened. This year we’re calling on you and @NYCCouncil to truly commit to #NYCBudgetJustice. Communities need care, not cops. bit.ly/CPRBudgetAction

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In 2020, thousands of NYer’s marched in support of #DefundNYPD. Let’s bring that same energy to #NYCBudgetJustice in 2021. Let City Council know that you support cutting the NYPD’s bloated $6B budget. Email and Tweet at your City Council Member: bit.ly/CPRBudgetAction

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Budgets are value statements: what will New York’s say? We need cuts to the bloated NYPD budget, not increases for a police department that kills our neighbors, attacks our rights, and emboldens white supremacy. Email your CM today: bit.ly/CPRBudgetAction #NYCBudgetJustice

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Say their names: #DelrawnSmall #KawaskiTrawick #EricGarner #AntonioWilliams #MohamedBah #AllanFeliz. #NYPD officers who killed these NYer’s are still on the force. If we want to end police killings we need #NYCBudgetJustice and to #DefundNYPD. Email your CM: bit.ly/CPRBudgetAction

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Agencies in all parts of City government had hiring freezes last year, but not the NYPD. They play by their own rules. Communities hit hardest by COVID need good jobs, not more cops. Email & Tweet your City Council Member for #NYCBudgetJustice. #DefundNYPD bit.ly/CPRBudgetAction

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