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NO MORE DELAYS: Eric Garner’s sister and groups demand firing of Pantaleo and other officers who engaged in misconduct related to killing of Eric Garner

Eighty national and local organizations and families of New Yorkers killed by police send letter to Mayor de Blasio & Commissioner O'Neill to fire Pantaleo and end discipline delays

New York, NY – On Wednesday, August 14 at 1 pm EST Eric Garner’s sister and Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) members and partners rallied on the steps of City Hall to call for Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neill to immediately fire Pantaleo and all officers who engaged in misconduct related to the killing of Eric Garner.

August 14 is the deadline for Daniel Pantaleo’s attorneys and the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) to issue their responses to the administrative law judge’s recommendation to fire Pantaleo. Commissioner O’Neill can issue his final decision on what discipline, if any, Pantaleo will receive at any point after responses are received for the August 14thdeadline.

Ellisha Flagg Garner, Eric Garner’s sister, joined today’s rally to represent herself and her mother Gwen Carr.

Today is the deadline for responses to the recommendation that Daniel Pantaleo be fired for murdering my brother - and that means that Mayor de Blasio and O'Neill have officially run out of misleading excuses for any more delays. There are no more reasons they can give to wait until the end of the month or longer to fire Pantaleo. For the first time in over half a decade, my mother has not been able to be as visible on the frontlines demanding justice for Eric. While my family mourns the unexpected loss of Ben Carr, her husband of forty years and my stepdad, I am here to say that we aren’t going anywhere. After Pantaleo is fired, we will not let the Mayor sweep all the other officers who did wrong under the rug. The murder of my brother and the NYPD's web of lies and misconduct surrounding his killing is outrageous and we will not stop until Pantaleo, D'Amico, Lt "Not a Big Deal" Bannon, Sgt. Adonis and others are fired for their roles in the murder of my brother,” said Ellisha Flagg Garner.

Eighty organizations and family members of New Yorkers killed by police sent a lettertoday to Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neill calling for the firing of Daniel Pantaleo and demanding an end to “the years-long unnecessary delays and obstruction”. The letter called for “full transparency, immediate disciplinary action and full accountability related to all police misconduct surrounding the killing of Eric Garner” including moving forward on discipline of Sgt Kizzy Adonis, Officer Justin D’Amico, Lt. Christopher Bannon, Officer Mark Ramos, and Officer Craig Furlani for misconduct they engaged in that was exposed during the Pantaleo trial. The letter delivered today to de Blasio and O’Neill states the following:

“Your administration has promised that a final decision related to Pantaleo’s discipline will take place this month – and now that the deadline for comments to Maldonado’s report has come, there are no more possible excuses for delay on firing Pantaleo. Meanwhile, you have been silent on the delays and lack of action related to misconduct by other officers. Justice delayed has indeed been justice denied – and further delays in accountability only serve to further damage the public’s trust in your administration and New York City government.

The letter was signed by national organizations including ColorOfChange, MomsRising, LatinoJustice PRLDEF, Working Families Party; local organizations including Communities United for Police Reform, Justice Committee, Brooklyn Movement Center, Make the Road New York; and included the mothers of Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Anthony Baez, and Ramarley Graham.

Elected officials who joined the press conference to support the call to fire Pantaleo and proceed with disciplinary processes of other officers included: New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, NYC Councilmember and Public Safety Committee Chair Donovan Richards, and Councilmembers Antonio Reynoso and Brad Lander.


“It's unacceptable that after a half a decade, Pantaleo is the only officer involved in Eric Garner's murder and the subsequent cover-up who is facing termination when so many others participated in the violence and the attempt to cover it up,” said Loyda Colon, Co-Director of Justice Committee. “Of course Pantaleo must be fired without a good guy letter, but more is needed. de Blasio consistently attempts to talk a good game when it comes to police accountability, but his actions speak louder than his lies: the years of delays, lies, and protecting abusive officers have been torture for Eric Garner's family. de Blasio must take immediate action to ensure Sgt. Adonis, Lt. Bannon, Officers Ramos, Furlani and D'Amico, and all other officers involved in Garner's murder and related misconduct are charged and fired without any more delays.”

“The process of justice and accountability for the murder of Eric Garner starts with the firing of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo. It has also been five years too long for the disciplinary trials and firing of all of the officers responsible for the misconduct and brutality we saw on that day. Eric Garner was murdered in broad daylight on video with multiple officers on the scene and supervising and none of them should continue to be employed by the City of New York,” said Kesi Foster, Organizer, Make the Road New York.

"The Torah teaches 'You shall not distort justice. You shall not show partiality...' (Duet 16:19). Mayor De Blasio and Commissioner O'Neill have distorted and delayed justice for Eric Garner and his family. These past 5 years are the exact perversion of justice the Torah warns us of, and so we at Jews for Racial and Economic Justice call for the immediate firing of Daniel Pantaleo and disciplining of all officers who engaged in misconduct related to Eric Garner's death. May justice be served swiftly bringing to and end these long 5 years of partial and distorted justice," said Yehudah Webster, Jews for Racial & Economic Justice



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