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Parents of Man Slain by Police Call on Mayor de Blasio to “Show Our Family Some Respect and Compassion”

In major test of NYC’s police body-worn camera policy, Antonio Williams’ family demands access to all unedited body camera footage and NYPD-produced video before scheduled release to the public
New York, NY – In response to news of the expected public release this week of a video that the NYPD produced related to the September 29th police killing of Antonio Williams and Officer Brian Mulkeen, Antonio Williams’ father and stepmother released the following statement:
"We are outraged that the NYPD may release a video on the killing of our son without the common decency of making sure that our family is able to view the NYPD-produced video first -- and without making sure we can see all of the body-worn camera footage that we have wanted to see since Antonio was killed in September,” said Shawn and Gladys Williams, the father and stepmother of 27-year-old Antonio Williams.
“Our son was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for a cab when plainclothes officers jumped out at him in the middle of the night and recklessly gunned him down in the street, also killing an officer, in a hail of 15 bullets. Even if he did run from them, he was within his legal rights to do so since there was no suspicion that he was committing a crime - other than the crime of ‘standing while Black.’  Because we haven't been allowed to see all of the body camera footage, we don't even know if police tried to give Antonio any medical attention after shooting 15 bullets or if he was left to bleed out on the street,” said Shawn and Gladys Williams.
“When Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD tried to blame Antonio for his own death and assassinate his character through the media back in September, it felt like they were killing him again. And now, it seems like they're trying to make us feel the worst pains all over again by not even letting us see the selectively edited, selectively narrated, NYPD-produced video they're going to put out before everyone in the world sees it, and they're not letting us see all the body camera footage,” said Shawn and Gladys Williams.
“As Antonio's father and stepmother, we are asking Mayor de Blasio to show our family some respect and compassion by letting us view all available body camera footage and the NYPD-produced video as soon as possible, and before it's released to the public. It's already been 2 1/2 months; waiting another few days to make sure that our family can come to NYC and view the footage and video before they release it publicly shouldn't be a problem unless the intent is to protect what seems like a major cover-up at the NYPD, all the way up to Mayor de Blasio, of reckless and unnecessary police actions that resulted in the murder of our son and Officer Brian Mulkeen,” said Shawn and Gladys Williams.
Antonio Williams was killed by NYPD officers on September 29, 2019 after reportedly being chased and tackled by at least one officer. Six officers reportedly drew their guns and opened fire, killing both Williams and Mulkeen. Williams was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for a taxi, when plainclothes officers jumped out of cars at him after midnight. The NYPD has offered no explanation for why Williams was first approached or why they escalated the incident without reasonable suspicion of a crime.
Since Williams’ death, Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD have obstructed transparency and accountability for his family. They have refused to publicly release the names of officers involved, and have not provided the Williams family with access to full, unedited body camera footage or information about the investigation, discipline or whether officers are on modified status.
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