Police Accountability Advocates Slam PBA for Misleading Interpretation of Legal Ruling This Week that Allows the Trial of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo to Proceed

New York –  Today, Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) slammed the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) for their misleading interpretation of NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Trials Rosemarie Maldonado's ruling on their last-minute motion to dismiss or narrow charges against Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the disciplinary trial, set to begin on Monday, May 13, 2019.

“Pat Lynch and Daniel Pantaleo’s legal defense team are desperately trying every dirty trick in the book to let Pantaleo avoid any consequences for killing Eric Garner. They have zero credibility, and their stunts are backfiring. Their motions to block Pantaleo’s trial were already denied and dismissed by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Madden last week and this week. Their latest claim that Deputy Commissioner of Trials Maldonado somehow ruled in their favor on a separate last-minute motion is outlandishly misleading. Maldonado denied their motion, handing them another defeat in their string of desperate tactics to undermine accountability," said Loyda Colon, Co-Director of the Justice Committee and a spokesperson for Communities United for Police Reform (CPR).

"Pantaleo used a chokehold on Eric Garner that had been banned by the NYPD for over two decades, and he continued to choke Eric to death while Eric said "I Can't Breathe" eleven times. Pantaleo and other officers who engaged in misconduct related to Eric Garner should have been fired years ago. It's shameful that Pantaleo's attorneys and the PBA are playing last-minute games and it's outrageous that Mayor de Blasio has allowed this case to drag out this long,” said Colon. 


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