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Police Reform Advocates Demand Justice for Jazmine Headley, Calling for Her Immediate Release from Rikers Island, and the Firing of All NYPD and HRA Officers Who Brutally Attacked and Arrested Her

New York, NY –  Today, Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) released the following statement demanding justice for Jazmine Headley, the 23 year-old mother who was brutally attacked and arrested by NYPD and HRA officers at a Brooklyn SNAP office last week.

“It’s a positive step that Brooklyn District Attorney Gonzalez has dropped charges against Jazmine Headley, but it's sickening and wrong that she is still being held at Rikers Island, and facing a potential ACS case. Jazmine must be immediately released from Rikers Island and City officials must facilitate a swift reunion with her baby, and a guarantee that they will prevent ongoing collateral consequences that were caused by HRA staff and officers, along with NYPD officers. Additionally, we’re demanding the immediate firing of all NYPD and HRA officers who brutally arrested Jazmine, while ripping her baby out of her arms and violently escalating the situation; and we're call for charges to be brought against the officers, including the officer who brandished a taser at the HRA office; and for Mayor de Blasio to release all their names. All benefits Jazmine may have been seeking during her horrific visit to the HRA office should be fully restored as well.

“Too often, black women and other women of color like Jazmine are dehumanized in our city’s benefits offices, shelters, and other public facilities. Make no mistake: Mayor de Blasio’s refusal to make the NYPD more accountable to communities of color continues to endanger New Yorkers like Jazmine who are simply trying to live their lives. Trump isn’t the only politician allowing brutal family separations to happen in this country. Mayor de Blasio is allowing NYPD and HRA officers to rip families of color apart right here in the place he has the audacity to call the fairest big city in America.  There must be swift and real justice for Jazmine and real accountability for all of the NYPD and HRA officers who harmed Jazmine and her child,” said Manny Vaz, a spokesperson for Communities United for Police Reform (CPR).

About Communities United for Police Reform

Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) is an unprecedented campaign to end discriminatory policing practices in New York, and to build a lasting movement that promotes public safety and policing practices based on cooperation and respect– not discriminatory targeting and harassment.

CPR brings together a movement of community members, lawyers, researchers and activists to work for change. The partners in this campaign come from all 5 boroughs, from all walks of life and represent many of those unfairly targeted the most by the NYPD. CPR is fighting for reforms that will promote community safety while ensuring that the NYPD protects and serves all New Yorkers.

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