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Police Reform Campaign Responds to CCRB Report on Improper NYPD Searches

In response to the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board releasing a report highlighting improper searches after multiple other reports indicated other unconstitutional searches, Communities United for Police Reform released the following statement from spokesperson Jose Lopez. 

“Improper home searches‎ are just the tip of the iceberg of unconstitutional searches being conducted by the NYPD. In report after report, these police searches that fail to abide by law on the streets and elsewhere continue with impunity. It could not be clearer that neither training nor internal NYPD rules are solving this crisis. It's time for the Council to enact blue ribbon panel-recommended reforms by passing the Right to Know Act to ensure the Constitutional rights of New Yorkers are protected and respected.”


Jose Lopez was a member of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, co-chaired by former Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey and former U.S. Assistant Attorney General Laurie Robinson, that recommended the policy of the Right to Know Act. It would provide protections against improper, unconstitutional searches by requiring NYPD officers to receive objective proof of informed and voluntary consent for searches, where a person’s consent is the only legal basis for it.


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