Take Action: The Community Safety Act

Thanks you for your support to pass the Community Safety Act!

On Thursday, August 22, 2013, the New York City Council overrode the Mayor's veto to pass the landmark Community Safety Act bills to strengthen and expand the ban on racial and other discriminatory profiling and establish independent oversight of the NYPD! This is an historic victory in the movement for police accountability. The two bills, the End NYPD Discriminatory Profiling Bill (Intro 1080) and the NYPD Oversight Act (Intro 1079), were passed by the City Council with veto-proof majorities in June 2013, and vetoed by Mayor Bloomberg in July 2013, despite broad-based support. We need still need your help to get the word out about this victory and ensure that the new laws are implemented in the best interest of New Yorkers most affected by abusive and discriminatory policy.

Here are some ways to help ensure these bills are implemented to secure real change in discriminatory NYPD policies and practices.

1) ​​   Share the CPR page on the Community Safety Act with your friends on Facebook by clicking here.

2)   Get the word out on social media: Click below to tweet about the Community Safety Act and encourage your friends to do the same.

3)    Publically thank your Council Member who voted to override the Mayor's vetoes of the bills.

(Council Members' twitter handles are listed below where available). 

If they are listed as voting to override Mayor's vetoes of both bills (see below for list of which Council Members are cosponsors):

Dear @CMName thanks for supporting #CommunitySafetyAct bills and standing up for justice, fairness & safety for all New Yorkers.

If they are listed as voting to override veto on only Intro1079 (independent oversight bill):

Dear @CMName thanks 4 supporting #CommunitySafetyAct oversight bill & taking a step for police accountability for all New Yorkers.

Below are the NYC Council members and how they voted for each bill. 

Voted to override the Mayor's vetoes of both End NYPD Profiling (Int 1080) AND NYPD Oversight (Int1079) bills: Jumaane D. Williams (@jumaanewilliams)Brad S. Lander (@bradlander), Melissa Mark-Viverito (@MMViverito), Rosie Mendez (@RosieMendez), Fernando Cabrera (@FCabreraNY), Robert Jackson (@RJackson_NYC), Maria Del Carmen Arroyo, Charles Barron (@CharlesBarron12), Gale A. Brewer (@galeabrewer), Margaret S. Chin (@CM_MargaretChin), Leroy G. Comrie, Jr. (@Leroycomrie), Inez E. Dickens (@speakerdickens), Edilan [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (Erik Martin Dilan) (@edilan37), Daniel Dromm (@Dromm25), Julissa Ferreras (@JulissaFerreras), Helen D. Foster, Daniel R. Garodnick (@DanGarodnick), Letitia James (@TishJames), Andy King (@AndyKingNYC), G. Oliver Koppell (@Oliver_Koppell), Jessica S. Lappin (@JessLappin), Stephen T. Levin (@StephenLevin33), Annabel Palma, Diana Reyna, Donovan Richards (@DRichards13), Ydanis A. Rodriguez (@ydanis), Deborah L. Rose (@CMDebiRose), James G. Van Bramer (@JimmyVanBramer), Albert Vann, Mark S. Weprin (@MarkWeprin), Ruben Wills (@CM_RubenWills), Darlene Mealy (@CMDarleneMealy), Mathieu Eugene (@CMMathieuEugene), Sara M. Gonzalez.

Voted to override the Mayor's veto of the NYPD Oversight bill (Int 1079): dgreenfield [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (David G. Greenfield) (@NYCGreenfield)Karen Koslowitz (@CMKoslowitz), Christine C. Quinn (@ChrisCQuinn), Joel Rivera (@BronxPad), jvacca [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (James Vacca) (@JamesVacca13)

Voted against override of both bills: ecrowley [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (Elizabeth Crowley) (@ElizCrowleyNYC), Lewis Fidler, jgennaro [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (James F. Gennaro) (@JimGennaro), vgentile [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (Vincent J. Gentile), vignizio [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (Vincent Ignizio) (@VincentIgnizio), pkoo [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (Peter Koo) (@PeterKoo2009), MNelson1 [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (Michael C. Nelson), joddo [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (James S. Oddo) (@HeyNowJO), drecchia [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (Domenic M. Recchia, Jr.) (@DomenicRecchia), eulrich [at] council.nyc.gov (subject: Community%20Safety%20Act) (Eric Ulrich) (@eric_ulrich). 

NOTE: For complete information about the Community Safety Act, please visit our CSA page.