Take Action to Pass HMSA!


The How Many Stops Act will bring critical and urgent transparency to the NYPD’s daily activities in New York City communities. It consists of two common sense, good government bills that will require a comprehensive accounting of all NYPD street stops, investigative encounters, and consent searches - including for the purposes of DNA collection - and ensure that the hard-won Right to Know Act is protected. The data collected via these two bills is crucial for completing the picture of what policing really looks like in our City. 

On December 20, 2023, we achieved a powerful movement victory by ensuring both bills of the How Many Stops Act were passed by the City Council. However, Mayor Adams vetoed Intro 586 of the How Many Stops Act on January 19. Now the City Council will need to vote to override the veto before the end of February. We MUST take action as the mayor, the NYPD, and police unions are escalating their misinformation campaign around the How Many Stops Act. Use the content below to urge your New York City Council Member to override Mayor Adams' veto. 


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2) Call their district office number and leave a message with the person who answers using the script below.

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On December 20, 2023, the City Council stood with New York City communities by passing the How Many Stops Act with a veto-proof majority vote.

Now, rather than embracing this essential step towards police accountability and true community safety, the mayor and NYPD are waging a shameful misinformation campaign against Intro 586 of the How Many Stops Act in an attempt to shield the NYPD’s abusive practices from public scrutiny. 

I’m calling on the council member not to fall prey to their deceit and instead vote yes to override the mayor’s veto of Intro 586 of the How Many Stops Act. We must send a message to the Mayor and NYPD that we will not allow their smear campaign to stand in the way of protecting the rights of New Yorkers and advancing public safety.

Click here to send an email to your Council Member and Mayor Adams

The NYPD is making more unconstitutional, discriminatory stops under Mayor Adams, according to the federal monitor. In this context, passing the #HowManyStopsAct is more urgent than ever. Call your councilmember and tell them to pass Intros 586 and 538 immediately! [Attach social media image]

The #HowManyStopsAct will make data on police encounters public - a powerful way to expose abusive and discriminatory practices. Help hold the NYPD accountable. Share this post and tell your City Council member to pass the How Many Stops Act! Let’s create a safer and more just NYC. [Attach social media image]

The #HowManyStopsAct is crucial for completing the picture of how the NYPD operates in our communities. Tell @NYCSpeakerAdams and @NYCCouncil to immediately pass the #HowManyStopsAct as a fundamental step to building a safer city for all New Yorkers. Take Action Today: bit.ly/3K52gmn [Attach social media image]

The #HowManyStopsAct will shine a light on what policing really looks like in our city and is a crucial step toward real NYPD accountability and community safety. Tell @NYCSpeakerAdams and @NYCCouncil to pass the #HowManyStopsAct immediately! bit.ly/3K52gmn [Attach social media image]

There is no valid reason to do anything other that pass the #HowManyStopsAct immediately! In the age of smartphones, full reporting on NYPD street stops and consent searches is simple and quick for officers. Tell your councilmember to pass the How Many Stops Act immediately! [Attach social media image]

Take Action to demand NYPD transparency. The #HowManyStopsAct will require full reporting of all NYPD stops and consent searches. Let’s help create a future where no one is unfairly targeted by the NYPD. Contact your city council member and urge them to pass the #HowManyStopsAct! [Attach social media image]

With discriminatory and unconstitutional police stops on the rise AND the NYPD receiving the largest budget in history, NYPD transparency is more important than ever! TAKE ACTION! Call your Council Member and tell them to pass the #HowManyStopsAct! https://council.nyc.gov/districts [Attach social media image]