Kawaski Trawick

Killed by NYPD 4/14/2019

Family of Kawaski Trawick Demands CCRB and NYPD Schedule Trial for NYPD Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis Following Charges Served

Today, the family of Kawaski Trawick is calling on the CCRB and the NYPD to schedule discipline trials for Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis, who killed Kawaski while he was cooking in his apartment.

Family of Kawaski Trawick Responds to CCRB Decision to Substantiate Charges Against NYPD Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis

Yesterday, the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) voted to substantiate misconduct charges against NYPD Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis, who killed Kawaski Trawick on April 14, 2019. The charges pertain to Officer Thompson’s and Davis’ abuse of authority, use of force, and other misconduct in their killing of Kawaski Trawick. NYPD officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis killed Kawaski Trawick in just 112 seconds after arriving at his apartment.

Family of Kawaski Trawick, Organizers, and Elected Officials, Demand Mayor de Blasio Fire NYPD Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis

Family and Organizers Demand CCRB Substantiate Charges Against Officers

Today, the family of Kawaski Trawick, the Justice Committee, and Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) met with the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) regarding the CCRB investigation of NYPD officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis—the NYPD officers who killed Kawaski Trawick. The Trawick Family, the Justice Committee, and CPR were joined by Councilmember Antonio Reynoso and Councilmember Brad Lander for a media availability following the meeting to demand action and accountability for Kawaski’s killing. 

Ellen Trawick and Police Accountability Leaders Outraged by NYPD’s Refusal to Discipline Officers Responsible for Killing Kawaski Trawick in His Home

Family & Activists Call on CCRB to substantiate misconduct by Thompson & Davis

Today, it was made public by ProPublica that the NYPD found “no wrongdoing” in the 2019 killing of Kawaski Trawick by NYPD Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis.

Ellen Trawick Responds To Footage Showing Callous Nypd In Aftermath Of Son’s Killing

NYPD officers claim “Nobody, just the perp” was hurt following the killing of Kawaski Trawick, who was cooking in his home when officers shot him

New York, NY (January 4th, 2021) – Additional body-worn camera footage showing minutes after the killing of Kawaski Trawick by NYPD officers, Herbert Davis and

Kawaski Trawick death: No criminality found in fatal police-involved shooting in New York City, officials say

ABC News

MORRIS HEIGHTS, Bronx (WABC) -- An investigation into the police-involved shooting death of a man who authorities say was armed with a stick and knife found no criminality on the part of the responding officers.

Officials released the report on the investigation into the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Kawaski Trawick inside his apartment by a member of the New York City Police Department on April 14, 2019, as well as video of the shooting and the events leading up to it.

Video Footage Amps Up Outrage Over NYPD Killing of Queer Man in His Home

Gay City

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark on Nov. 17 released police body camera and hallway surveillance footage showing the moment when NYPD officers entered a Black queer man’s apartment last year and shot him to death in a case that has fueled outrage.

Clark also unveiled a report outlining the incident more than a year and a half after 32-year-old Kawaski Trawick was gunned down by police on April 14, 2019, at Hill House, a supportive living environment at 1616 Grand Avenue in the Bronx.

Mother of Kawaski Trawick Slams NYPD & de Blasio for NYPD-Produced Video of Police Killing

In response to NYPD video, Kawaski Trawick's mother demands transparency & officers be fired

New York, NY – Today, the NYPD released a NYPD-narrated and edited video of the April 2019 killing of Kawaski Trawick, a 32-year-old Bronx resident who was shot by police in his home.