NYPD Inspector General

The NYPD Inspector General’s responsibilities include investigations, reviews and audits of systemic NYPD issues, resulting in recommendations to improve the NYPD’s policies, programs, practices, and operations – with the goal of enhancing the department’s effectiveness, improving public safety and protecting the rights of all New Yorkers. Similar to other inspectors general for New York City agencies, the NYPD Inspector General is situated within New York City’s Department of Investigations (DOI). 
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Report suggests NYPD's ‘broken windows’ policing doesn't work

New York Daily News

A hot-button Department of Investigation report released Wednesday contradicts the NYPD’s claim that “broken windows”-type arrests drive down more serious crime.

The rate of summonses and arrests for minor quality-of-life crimes like disorderly conduct, public urination and open-container violations had no real impact in driving down felonies over the past six years, the report found.

'Broken Windows' Policy Doesn't Work, NYPD Watchdog Says


MIDTOWN — Broken windows policing may be broken, according to a blistering new report by the Office of Inspector General for the NYPD.

A six-year analysis by the NYPD IG, which falls under the Department of Investigation, has found there’s no correlation between the number of quality-of-life summonses issued for offenses like public urination and alcohol consumption and the drop in felony crime.

CPR Responds to NYPD IG Report on Broken Windows Policing

In response to a report by the NYPD inspector general that found NYPD enforcement of low-level infractions and offenses to have no “empirical evidence demonstrating a clear and direct link” to reduced crime but is enforced disparately across the city, Communities United for Police Reform released the following statement from spokesperson Monifa Bandele.

Advocates urge NYPD Inspector General to investigate treatment of city homeless

New York Daily News

The NYPD Inspector General should investigate the policing of homeless New Yorkers, advocacy groups say.

Communities United for Police Reform, Picture the Homeless, and more than 50 other groups wrote to IG Philip Eure requesting the formal probe, saying there are rampant examples of cops unfairly targeting the homeless.

Advocates Demand Investigation Into NYPD’s Treatment Of Homeless

CBSNewYork/Associated Press

More than 50 advocacy groups have asked an inspector general to probe how the New York Police Department polices the homeless.

Communities United for Police Reform released a letter sent to NYPD Inspector General Philip Eure on Monday.

“Homeless New Yorkers are entitled to the same rights as any other resident of the city, but some accounts appear to indicate that police have participated in activity violating that notion,” part of the letter states.

CPR, NYC Organizations & National Homeless Advocates Call for Investigations into NYPD’s Policing of Homeless New Yorkers

Communities United for Police Reform – with support from over 50 local advocacy/community organizations and national homeless advocacy organizations – requested that NYPD Inspector General Philip Eure conduct an official investigation of the NYPD’s policing and treatment of homeless New Yorkers.  Community members, homeless NYers and advocates announced the request at City Hall, with a call for an end to t