Right to Know Act

The Right To Know Act is a legislative package that aims to protect the civil and human rights of New Yorkers while promoting communication, transparency and accountability in everyday interactions between the NYPD and the public.  New Yorkers want to live in a safe city where the police treat all residents with dignity and respect, and where police are not considered to be above the law.

CPR Responds to Bronx Incident of Abusive Policing of Assemblyman Michael Blake

In response to reports that New York State Assembly Member Michael Blake was subjected to an abusive policing encounter in the district he represents, Communities United for Police Reform released the following statement from spokesperson Monifa Bandele.

Tonight: ‘Jews for Black Lives Action & Vigil’ To Call For Police Reform

Park Slope Stoop

The organization Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ) will hold a rally this evening (Thursday, July 28) which will begin at 7pm in front of the Barclays Center. The rally will then proceed down Atlantic Avenue towards Brooklyn Heights. The march will culminate in front of the Brooklyn Detention Complex at 275 Atlantic Avenue, where mourners plan to light Yarzheit candles for those lost to police violence.

New York City Policing Reform, Derailed

New York Times

Two years ago this month, Eric Garner was gang-tackled and smothered by New York City police officers on a Staten Island sidewalk. His death helped to spark a national outcry and a push for better ways of policing the police. Among the reforms sought by the New York City Council are two bills to protect civilians from being harassed and unlawfully searched.

On 2-Year Mark of Eric Garner’s Killing, Speaker Mark-Viverito’s NYPD Side-Deal Criticized As Charade

Moms of Garner & Ramarley Graham’s, advocates and council members committed to real reform announce continued push for Right to Know Act passage into law, ignoring Speaker-NYPD agreement

Community members convey risk in delaying police accountability reforms, highlight NYC as dangerous model of political obstruction that allows police abuses, brutality and killings to continue nationally

CPR Responds to City Council Summons Reform

In response to the City Council’s expected passage of the Criminal Justice Reform Act, Communities United for Police Reform released the following statement from spokesperson Monifa Bandele.

“The CJRA has potential to advance needed criminal justice reform, but it is not police reform and does not disrupt discriminatory broken windows policing that propels racial disparities in policies and outcomes. Whether its impact is beneficial to New Yorkers in the long-run lies in the details, since the NYPD retains ultimate control over most of its implementation and the direction given to officers.

Public Drinking And Urination No Longer Necessarily Criminal Offenses In NYC


The City Council today enacted a series of bills that will give police officers the discretion to steer certain low-level broken windows offenses like drinking in public, littering, and public urination to civil court, rather than criminal court.

"Nobody who has littered or made excessive noise... should bear the brunt of the criminal justice system," said Queens Council Member Rory Lancman, a bill sponsor, on Wednesday.

Our right to know

New York Amsterdam News

It is ironic that many New Yorkers are not aware of the Right to Know Act, the legislative package that aims to protect them while promoting communication, transparency and accountability between them and the New York Police Department.

Thanks to the Communities United for Police Reform, the Right to Know Act is becoming better known. Even so, there is much more our citizens need to know if they want to be treated with dignity and respect when interacting with the police.