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For Women in Street Stops, Deeper Humiliation

The New York Times

Shari Archibald’s black handbag sat at her feet on the sidewalk in front of her Bronx home on a recent summer night. The two male officers crouched over her leather bag and rooted around inside, elbow-deep. One officer fished out a tampon and then a sanitary napkin, crinkling the waxy orange wrapper between his fingers in search of drugs. Next he pulled out a tray of foil-covered pills, Ms. Archibald recalled.

Critics on stop-and-frisk decrease: We'll see

Capital New York

Stop-and-frisks are down, Dave Seifman reported today, and critics of the practice don't much care.

"If past is prologue, we can expect that NYPD officers subjected at least 1,000 innocent New Yorkers a day to humiliating and unjustified street stops," New York Civil Liberties Union's executive director Donna Lieberman said in a statement. "That is nothing to brag about."