Local Action to #Resist Trump's Racist Policing Agenda

Dear community,

For months, Mayor de Blasio has promoted that his administration will stand against Trump's racist attacks on immigrants and people of color. Yet everyday, these same communities are criminalized and targeted by the NYPD's abusive, discriminatory "broken windows" policing, a practice that is consistent with Trump's racist policing agenda by fueling incarceration and immigration enforcement.

New Yorkers need concrete actions by our local officials to make our city a true sanctuary for all.

A sanctuary city is not possible without an end to abusive and discriminatory policing. That's why CPR members and partners are fighting to end "broken windows," pass the Right To Know Act & hold NYPD accountable.

This week, we stood with the mothers of New Yorkers killed by police and City Council sponsors of the Right To Know Act to demand its passage and an end to "broken windows" policing. In order to protect New Yorkers from Trump's racist agenda and advance real criminal justice reform, our city needs to cut off the pipeline fueling incarceration and immigration enforcement that begins with discriminatory policing. The Right To Know Act and ending "broken windows" policing are critical solutions. Communities and a strong majority of City Council members support the passage of the Right to Know Act.

TAKE ACTION TODAY to urge your Council Member to pass this important legislation!

NYC Know Your Rights! ~ NEW Training Series

Over the next several weeks, CPR members will be hosting Know Your Rights trainings to empower New Yorkers with critical information about their rights during interactions with law enforcement.

  • Do you know what to do if you’re stopped on the street by the NYPD, ICE or FBI?
  • Do you know what to do if a law enforcement officer seeks to search or detain you?
  • Do you know what to expect if NYPD, ICE or the FBI shows up at your home?

These interactive trainings will provide answers to these questions and more, along with tools to stay as safe as possible during different types of law enforcement interactions. Empowering your community and self is essential to ending discriminatory and abusive policing and is more important than ever, as the Trump administration seeks to carry out its dangerous agenda that encourages abusive law enforcement practices. Visit www.changetheNYPD.org/YourRights for more info & to RSVP.

Keep Resisting! 
In these time of great resistance to hate, intolerance and state violence against our communities, your voice and contributions to our movements for justice are more important than ever. Thank you for standing with us and our many partners to advance police accountability that helps protect communities and families throughout New York City from police abuses.  We look forward to continuing this crucial work with you.

In community,

Joo-Hyun, Mandela & Manny
On behalf of Communities United for Police Reform Team

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