Take Action Today to #changetheNYPD – Campaign Updates from CPR

As the summer months heat up, so is the movement to #changetheNYPD!

Over the past few months, we’ve been organizing throughout New York to take a stand against discriminatory and abusive policing and have been calling on public officials to enact concrete changes that would bring justice, respect and safety to our neighborhoods. With your support, we believe that we can AND WILL bring meaningful, positive change to New York for our communities.
Below are a few recent highlights of the past weeks and ways you can take action with us and our partners.  We look forward to strengthening this movement for justice with you!

TAKE ACTION: Call Gov. Cuomo NOW to demand that he sign the RIGHT executive order for a  Special Prosecutor on police killings in New York, with no loopholes!

Governor Cuomo is finalizing the details for an executive order that authorizes a special prosecutor for police killings, but he has begun to backtrack on important details, leaving dangerous loopholes.

The governor is expected to issue the order any day now. Take action and #StandWithTheFamilies of Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham, Anthony Baez and all New Yorkers unjustly killed by police to demand Governor Cuomo enact the RIGHT executive order for a special prosecutor to investigate ALL  police-involved killings, without a pre-determined time limit.

The families need your support to make sure Gov. Cuomo does the RIGHT THING!

DOWNLOAD NEW RESOURCES from CPR Leaders: Audre Lorde Project and Streetwise & Safe

Community education and empowerment are critical components of CPR’s campaign to end discriminatory and abusive policing in New York.  Last month, CPR leaders from the Audre Lorde Project and Streetwise & Safe released new and powerful resources.
Be sure to share these NEW resources with your family, friends, colleagues & communities!


For PRIDE month, Streetwise & Safe released their new pocket-sized Know Your Rights guide called, "SERVE! Street Safety for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Youth!"

The guide breaks down your rights during encounters with NYPD and includes critical updates based on changes that were enacted to the NYPD Patrol Guide in response to advocacy by Trans and Gender Non-Conforming New Yorkers. 

Download your copy at http://bit.ly/1RIOfWT.


The Audre Lorde Project also released 'Say What: How to Talk about Trans and Gender Non Conforming People, LGBTQ People, Youth and People in the Sex Trade Respectfully'

Edited by Elliott Fukui, Audre Lorde Project TransJustice Coordinator, and collaborated on in partnership with FIERCE & Streetwise and Safe (SAS), this guide is a tool to inform the media on how to represent Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Two Spirit, Trans*, Gender Non Conforming, Queer People of Color with dignity and respect.

Download your copy at https://database.alp.org/media-guide.


The momentum is building as more and more New Yorkers are speaking out to demand the passage of the Right To Know Act, a legislative package of fundamental, common-sense reforms that would bring transparency and accountability to everyday interactions between New Yorkers and the NYPD. 
Last week, there was a City Council hearing that included the #RightToKnowAct.  The hearing included testimony from CPR member and partners on the need for the #RightToKnowAct to be passed by the City Council.  In addition to testifying before the City Council, community groups and leaders from across New York and the nation have also called for the passage of the Right To Know Act, including:

  • Surviving family members of New Yorkers killed by the NYPD over the past two decades joined the call for the Council to pass the #RightToKnowActSigning on to the joint statement included the families of Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Ramarley Graham, Anthony Baez, Amadou Diallo, Shantel Davis, Kimani Gray, Alberta Spruill, Mohamed Bah, Jayson Tirado & Noel Polanco. 
  • Close to 30 LGBT national and local organizations expressed their support for the #RightToKnowAct as a key issue for LGBT New Yorkers. Here's an article on their letter calling on the Council to pass the #RightToKnowAct. 
  • Over 50 rabbis from diverse congregations - including Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and unaffiliated congregations - also joined the call to pass the #RightToKnowAct. Here's a Daily News article on their call.


TAKE ACTION to show your support for the #RightToKnowAct on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!
Post the following text to your social media accounts, along with our Right To Know Act graphic!

Protect the safety & rights of all NYers. @NYCCouncil—Pass the #RightToKnowAct! bit.ly/RTKAct #changetheNYPD



[July 7, 2015: News & Updates from Communities United for Police Reform]

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