Priorities for the New NYPD Inspector General: Promoting Safety, Dignity and Rights for all New Yorkers

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The first-ever NYPD Inspector General Philip Eure assumed his role in late May 2014.The NYPD Inspector General’s responsibilities include investigations, reviews and audits of systemic NYPD issues, resulting in recommendations to improve the NYPD’s policies, programs, practices, and operations – with the goal of enhancing the department’s effectiveness, improving public safety and protecting the rights of all New Yorkers. Similar to other inspectors general for New York City agencies, the NYPD Inspector General is situated within New York City’s Department of Investigations (DOI).

This report outlines CPR’s recommendations for nine areas that the NYPD Inspector General should consider for investigation, review, study and audit, in order to issue findings and recommendations that will improve public safety and protect the rights of all New Yorkers. The first six represent areas that should be considered priorities in the first year of the Inspector General’s tenure.

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