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Safer NY Act is a package of bills in the New York State Legislature that would help increase police transparency and help increase accountability to New Yorkers' most common encounters with police. The #SaferNYAct includes: the Police Statistics and Transparency (STAT) Act, codifying and strengthening the Special Prosecutor executive order, reducing Unnecessary Arrests for low-level, ticketable offenses, repealing the NYS police secrecy law (CRL section 50-a), and legalizing marijuana with strong attention paid to ensuring that resources are reinvested in communities most harmed by prohibition.

NYPD cop had no 'justification' for shooting Small: prosecutor

Wayne Isaacs (l.) is the first NYPD officer to be prosecuted by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman under Gov. Cuomo's 2015 executive order. (ANTHONY DELMUNDO/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)
Daily News (New York)

An NYPD cop carried out a “brutal and deliberate act” in gunning down a Brooklyn motorist in a deadly road rage confrontation, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

Officer Wayne Isaacs, 37, has been charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Delrawn Small, also 37, in a July 4 roadside showdown in East New York.

Advocates Applaud Assembly Passage of Police-STAT Act, Call on Senate to Advance Transparency Bill to Ensure Justice & Safety for Communities across New York

In response to the New York State Assembly passing the Police-STAT Act (A.5946/S.147) on Thursday, Communities United for Police Reform released the following statement from spokesperson Kesi Foster.

How Cuomo's Special Prosecutor Order Is Playing Out, 19 Months Later

Gotham Gazette

About 19 months ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order that was hailed by many advocates and elected officials as a bold and unprecedented step towards police accountability...Over the course of the year-and-a-half since Cuomo signed the order, there have been more than a dozen police-involved deaths across New York State that have warranted examination by Schneiderman’s office. Nine have been determined to fall under the attorney general’s jurisdiction, with mixed results....Now, advocates and victims' families are pushing for the executive order to be written into law — both for permanence and to broaden criteria for cases that fall under the attorney general’s jurisdiction.

A True Sanctuary City Requires Action to Change The NYPD

As New Yorkers resist the Trump administration’s racist, anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, and other discriminatory actions, it’s more urgent now than ever for New York’s elected and public officials to take action to protect our communities.  We saw some of that in Albany this week with the State Assembly passing criminal justice reform legislation, even as action is still needed in NYC to end broken windows policing and pass the Right to Know Act.

CPR Responds to Attorney General Special Prosecutor Declining to Assume Investigation & Prosecution of Deborah Danner's Killing by NYPD

“We are disappointed and disagree with the decision by Attorney General Schneiderman and his special prosecutor unit to not assume responsibility for investigating and prosecuting this case, given what most New Yorkers see as an unjustifiable killing triggered by acknowledged violations of NYPD protocols. Any reckless actions and decisions by Sergeant Barry that led to Deborah Danner’s death – and actions of other officers on the scene which still remain unknown – call for thorough investigation and accountability to the law....

Advocates Applaud Assembly Passage of Critical Criminal Justice Reform to Modernize Police Data Reporting; Urge Senate to Follow Suit

Advocates, elected leaders, and New Yorkers from Brooklyn to Buffalo strongly applaud the NYS Assembly for passing the Police Statistics and Transparency (STAT) Act (A.7698-A/Lentol; same as S.6001-A/Squadron) late Wednesday.

In response to the New York State Assembly’s passage of the Police STAT Act (A.7698-A/Lentol; same as S.6001-A/Squadron) late Wednesday, Communities United for Police Reform released the following statement from spokesperson Jose Lopez.

Bill would force NY police to report data on arrests, deaths

Associated Press

 Police departments would have to report more about arrests and the deaths of people in custody under legislation pending in the New York state Legislature.

Advocates for criminal justice reform and their legislative allies detailed the bill Tuesday.

The measure sponsored by Assemblyman Joseph Lentol and Sen. Daniel Squadron, both Democrats, would require police departments to follow a single, statewide process for reporting information about everyday arrests — as well as cases in which a person is killed while in custody.

After Budget with No Criminal Justice Reforms, Advocates Call for New York to Lead Nation by Prioritizing Modernization of Police Data Reporting

Leaders and New Yorkers from across state urge legislature and governor to lead on justice, public safety and transparency

Advocates from Communities United for Police Reform and other organizations from across New York were joined by Assemblyman Joseph Lentol and Senator Daniel Squadron to call for the prioritizing of criminal justice reform that advances transparency in the post-budget legislative session. Specifically, the group called for the passage of the Police-STAT Act (A.7698/S.6001), legislation sponsored by Lentol and Sqaudron that would requre state government to publicly report vital information about policing across the state.


Need for police accountability, transparency and right to know - OpEd by CPR Leader Monifa Bandele

New York Amsterdam News

Last week’s conviction of NYPD officer Peter Liang, the first conviction of a NYPD officer for killing a civilian in more than a decade, is an important step forward for justice for Akai Gurley’s family and police accountability. However, it hardly represents equal justice for our communities with respect to policing, or an end to the preferential double standard that most officers have experienced when they brutalize or kill.